About BridgeLane Advisors

We are a firm passionate about helping our clients prepare for, value, and buy or sell small and mid-market businesses. BridgeLane Advisors was founded in 2012 with the inspiration of being a leading business advisory services firm assisting our clients with their entrepreneurial pursuits. We are based in New Jersey, but focused on businesses across the nation.

Since our inception we have fostered a collaborative and client focused culture because we believe that it fuels your success. This approach enables our team to offer an unparalleled client experience throughout the planning, buying, or selling process. We want to educate and empower our clients to plan for and navigate a business transfer with confidence. Too many factors can stand in the way of achieving success, and having the right advisor assisting you can make all the difference.

We provide value to our clients by helping you to conduct business with insight, poise, and confidence. We deliver expertise, advice, representation, and support services when and where most critical. We enable you to plan properly, to identify realistic options, and to execute your next business venture as your trusted advisor.

How We Are Different

Every business transfer is unique and we help to simplify the process, educate, inform, and fully prepare our clients for each step of the journey.

Our Clients

We have experience in a variety of industries and segments, yet are focused on assisting small to mid-market businesses whose enterprise values are greater than $250 thousand dollars.

Our Vision

That every business transfer in the marketplace is supported by knowledgeable professionals so that they may be conducted with
honesty, integrity, transparency, and efficiency for all respective parties.

Our Values

  • We hold your information with the strictest of confidentiality.
  • We put the interests of our clients first.
  • We educate our clients to be more informed participants.
  • We build trusting relationships through integrity
    and collaboration.
  • We believe every client is important.
  • We use our talents and skills to support you to the best
    of our abilities.
  • We believe success is not achievable without enthusiasm
    and passion.

Our Leadership Is

  • Visionary
  • Experienced
  • Skilled
  • Driven to help you succeed


Simply an unquestionable must to be your advisor. We understand the sensitivities to your business and maintain strict confidentiality before, during, and after we work together. We do not use company specific information publicly or with other parties, and only proceed after confidentiality arrangements are properly in place.

Our Team

We are a team of professionals who enjoy being a part of our clients’ success. We have over a decade of service advising large and small clients with their strategic, operational, and integration related business challenges. Each client is important to us and our team works tirelessly at maintaining a client focused culture which provides the individual attention each BridgeLane Advisors’ client deserves.