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Established in 1985 with a great reputation for quality and ambiance, long standing following of patrons, and a turnkey operation. The restaurant has 250 seat capacity, located in a busy local downtown shopping area, holds a valid liquor license, and has hours of operation flexibility via supportive local laws. The restaurant has an upscale décor and is known for high quality food. Preferred vendor relationships (e.g., seafood) in place and transferrable. The restaurant has maintained revenue strength over the last ten years.

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Asking Price:  $2,375,000
CASH FLOW:  $375,000
location:  Westchester County, NY

The Medical Provider was established in 1992, is a group practice for sports related and orthopedic injuries, and is located in an emerging community in New Jersey. Services include treatment of all joint, ligament, and tendon related injuries, physical therapy, and other rehabilitative care. The Practice specializes in injury prevention programs, a personalized touch to treatment, and a commitment to the community it serves. The Practice has achieved annual revenue growth greater than seven and a half (>7.5%+) over the past five years.

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Asking Price:  $2,250,000
CASH FLOW:  $925,000
location:  Ocean County, NJ

The Company established in 1989, is a single-source solutions provider for commercial landscape management in a vibrant and growing area. Services include design, build, and maintenance. The Company specializes in personalized service, consistent quality and timely execution. The Company has achieved double-digit annual revenue growth over the past few years.

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Asking Price:  $1,500,000
CASH FLOW:  $450,000
location:  Morris County, NJ