Small and mid-market businesses face the unique challenge of having to more intently plan  for the future as a function of running their daily business, as unpredictable events often have a more severe impact on the long term viability of the organization. However, for many business owners the practice of forward planning never seems to happen. Succession planning is an important part of the business strategy that shouldn’t be overlooked, and is a business imperative long before a necessitating event occurs.

We work with owners and their other trusted advisors including attorneys, accountants, and financial wealth managers to create options that enhance the business through the development and implementation of a structured succession plan. We are experienced at collaborating and orchestrating the creation of an actionable plan that is customized to address the specific challenges faced by business owners in your industry.


A solid business succession plan will assist your organization to accomplish the following:

  • Enhance business stability through the development of a document that is driven by a thorough review of the current organization.
  • Facilitate a more timely and smoother business transfer in accordance with the owner’s wishes.
  • Maximize the wealth passed on to the next generation.
  • Minimize estate taxes and other transfer expenses.
  • Improve employee retention and team morale through clarity of future actions.
  • Reduce future lost time and costs of recruiting to replace.


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