Simply making the decision to sell your business is often difficult enough, without being faced with the variety of unknowns that lie ahead.  How do I find buyer candidates?  What is a reasonable timeframe to find a buyer? How do I know that the buyer is a good fit so that I don’t lose time?  What are the right steps to properly execute a transaction? How do I handle negotiations so that I don’t lose the buyer yet get a fair return for the business?  These are all critical and valid concerns for every business owner who has decided to sell.

We work with our clients through the entire process to appropriately prepare your business to be sold.  BridgeLane Advisors assists with developing a reasonable market valuation, marketing the business, qualifying buyer candidates, and assisting in the management of buyer offers.  We are experienced at designing and managing the selling process that best suits your individual needs to attract multiple buyers to your business.  We offer access to our professional network to maximize buyer candidate opportunities.

When qualified buyers are identified BridgeLane Advisors implements strict confidentiality procedures as we work with each potential candidate to arrive at the best combination of fit and price.

Keys to selling success for business owners:

  • Keep an Open Approach – Nothing kills the chance for success more than limiting your options due to lack of vision.  Be open and eager to understand and learn about a candidate, an offer, or the process to reach your objectives.
  • Be Patiently Ready – A seller must recognize that finding the right fit often takes time (months or even years), yet must be ready to fully and actively engage when the timing is right.
  • Continue Operating – Making the decision to sell is only the first step in the journey and slowing or stopping driving the business forward will only hurt your chances for finding a suitable buyer.
  • Cast a Wide Net – Utilize every channel and medium available to reach prospective buyers and to reduce the search timeframe.  BridgeLane Advisors will help you to organize, prepare, and utilize each appropriate channel to reach buyers wherever they might be located –  locally, regionally, and nationally.
  • Maintain Confidentiality – There are hundreds of hurdles to clear before the sale is final. Maintain strict confidentiality throughout as changes in direction may occur at any time.


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