Finding the value of a business is seldom an easy answer.  Several financial and non-financial factors can result in critical refinements in establishing the business value.  A common misconception is that the highest or lowest price, depending on your viewpoint, equals the best value.  During the business transfer process finding the “right” price among deal participants is a dynamic process that willing parties continually pursue in an effort to complete a transaction.

Whether you seek to simply understand the current business value to aid in deciding on a path forward or you are ready to pursue a transaction, we work to assess key business and market factors in order to arrive at the right value.  Our approach consists of several checkpoints during the journey to affirm the value in support of helping our clients to meet their objectives.  We work hard to complete a thorough diligence and define fact based valuations.

There are many methods to determine business value, with no one method being the ultimate source for all businesses.  BridgeLane Advisors utilizes several methods during the valuation process to arrive at a value established for your unique business.   Our valuation report provides each client with insights and transparency so that you may understand the value drivers in your business.

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